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Rabbi Ayala and I talked about having confidence in oneself.  Where does it come from?  How to develop it?


As at least once every year, I was in Masada to hike up the trail in the morning.  Some years ago when my partner was visiting his father in the States,  I took advantage of the time.

Sitting around the base In the afternoon, a conversation developed…I don’t remember how…with the guy who is responsible for the lighting in the Sound and Light show.  He said he was going up to make sure everything was Ok before the show and did I want to see how it worked?  Of course!  We took the tram up and I saw his complicated set-ups on the side of the site.

It was getting late ….he said, “Would you like to stay up here and see how it works this evening?”  Yes!  “And then you can just stay here and sleep for the night.”  WOW!  It was full moon.  He set up a cot on the edge of the cliff near the office. 

I had the immense delight of sleeping on the top of Masada in the full moon!

And he said, “In the morning, I will make breakfast!”

He did!

I was totally enraptured and very grateful.  And then I hiked down.

Some years later I came to Masada with my granddaughter.  I asked in the office, “Is the guy who does the lights still around?” “Yes, Why?”  “Well he probably doesn’t remember but I do….he provided a fabulous experience for me.”

“Yeah, that’s the kind of guy he is!”


When I told Rabbi Ayala this story, she wondered how I was confident enough to take this chance.  Then we explored about how confidence is developed, or not.  Rabbi Ayala grew up in the very difficult and scary days of Israel.  She experienced terrifying events.

I grew up in Marin County, California.  Safe, quiet, no terrorists!

We each developed our world views.

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