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#9 for June 30

How can we explain the feeling within?


The job I had left in Los Angeles on coming to Israel was one of being overpaid and underemployed.  Raising money for a hospital was big time, but not big on satisfaction.


I tried to relay that in to a job when I got to Israel, but the conditions were too different. 


After being here for about 8 months and working and losing a job and seeing what the conditions were, I determined to go back to Los Angeles and try to reorganize.  In the process, I gave myself the chance to find a really good job in what I had been doing. I went on several interviews, and for 3 big organizations I was flown out to meet with the Board.  Nothing came of these efforts or meetings.


I decided I needed help and went to a career counselor for some repackaging.  When I arrived at her office in Beverly Hills, I told her a little about myself and the work I had been doing and wanted to pursue.


After some quiet moments, she looked at me very intently and said, “You know, you are not really here.”


I was stunned. 


How did she know?


 And how do I take that assessment and work with it?


That night, thinking about the interview, I thought, YES THIS IS IT.  I MUST GET MYSELF BACK TO ISRAEL.


Rabbi Ayala and I spoke about this quality that some people from out of the country feel when they get here:  HOME.

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