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Blog #14, Jan. 5, 2021

Here and Not Here


 The cat likes to play with me.  She chases a ball and jumps around.  She goes for a walk with me.  She likes to sit on my lap when I am reading.  She purrs.  She is a great comfort.

But…for three days she was not around.She left!I was bereft!Was she seduced by the neighbor’s food treats?

I tried to come to terms with this.I had enjoyed her company…maybe that was all there was.How did I know it would be forever?I didn’t.I treasured the time we had had together and figured I would have to move on.

Then I realized that the cat didn’t like the workmen fixing things and making noise around the house. When they left, she came back!Everything was as before!

At about the same time, I am witness to the breakup of a couple I thought would be together forever. They were happy and delighted with each other, sharing a full and rich life. But something happened and he is gone.

I don’t think he will come back.They each will have to treasure the time they had had together.


Yes, I thought of my own love from long ago who is not here.

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