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BLOG #12 August 15




My partner and I were sitting having dinner on our terrace when a desperate little cat started meowing at us.  This happened several evenings in a row.  My partner said, “Don’t respond, it’ll go away.” But it did!  I had to respond to the desperate cries.


I put some food out for the little skinny creature. 

Then I discovered that she had five kittens.

What a project!  A friend and I tried to find a home for the kittens.

The cat, who I saw as a lower class single mother, we took to be spayed.


Of the five, one disappeared….in the jaws of the fox who is around here?  In response to the ad I put on Yad2 a young man took another squealing kitten.


It has been a couple of months.  The three are here:  all black, all frisky and super cute.  One is adventuresome and self-confident and lets me hold him.  One follows him around, and one is a little scardy cat.

I can’t betray the trust of the mother cat as she now feels comfortable hanging around the house.


This morning she came around to the terrace and looked me in the eye very seriously and I am sure she was saying Thank You.


Have I done my job of taking care of these little creatures? A result of my doing. It is great once in a while to know what the right thing to do is and to be able to actually do it. Those cats gave me a rare gift: the knowledge that I did right.

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